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Something new and blue (or fir green…)

There is an old tradition, taken from an English nursery rhyme, that the bride wears “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” on her wedding day. Our 2022 brides have boldly honored this practice by swapping something new and blue for the classic white dress, all in a super trendy look courtesy of Madame Ayizan. Natasha The summer season is generally marked by a number of wedding celebrations. It was during this warm period that our first bride Natacha exchanged her vows with her fiancé. To highlight this memorable day, Natacha had requisitioned two outfits from us. A lace crop top and high-waisted flowy pants ensemble that she wore during the day at the town hall. An outfit...

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Bay piti pa chich

On August 14, an earthquake hit Haiti 🇭🇹. “After the earthquake in 2010, like many other Haitians, we slept in the street with my mother for fear that the house would collapse. I understand what Haitians are feeling right now because I have felt it before and I will never forget it. » With my partner we had the idea of ​​selling darlings and the whole sum was donated to a trusted association in Haiti. Thanks to the various sales we were able to send them 1000.- CHF. "Bay Piti pa chich" which can be translated as: giving little does not mean being stingy"  

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My Karabela dress

This year I turned 29, to celebrate my last year in my twenties I made myself a Karabela fabric dress. To create it I was inspired by these two dresses, the first for the shape, the second for the fabric and the details. The mixture of these two ideas gave the dress of my 29 years.

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