Quelque chose de neuf et de bleu (ou de vert sapin…)

Something new and blue (or fir green…)

There is an old tradition, taken from an English nursery rhyme, that the bride wears “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” on her wedding day. Our 2022 brides have boldly honored this practice by swapping something new and blue for the classic white dress, all in a super trendy look courtesy of Madame Ayizan.


The summer season is generally marked by a number of wedding celebrations. It was during this warm period that our first bride Natacha exchanged her vows with her fiancé. To highlight this memorable day, Natacha had requisitioned two outfits from us. A lace crop top and high-waisted flowy pants ensemble that she wore during the day at the town hall. An outfit that goes well with the warm season and allows the bride to enjoy her day easily (and freshly) without worrying about the sweltering heat that accompanies summer days.

For her secular ceremony, she opted for a fir green dress. With an A-line silhouette enhanced with a front slit, spaghetti straps accented with ruffles, all accompanied by a long train, this was a dress fit for a queen.

These two outfits, like all the ones we make, were the work of several days of hard work; and Natacha's radiant smile shows us a work that is appreciated and makes us forget the sleepless nights spent making and finishing. It should also be added that this work had a sentimental value for us since Natacha is a former friend of the sewing school. It was a pleasure to see her again after so many years and to work together on this big day for her.


In many African cultures, customary marriage seals the union of two families and is marked by the performance of rituals specific to the origins of the couple. It is in this respect for family values ​​that Laure contacted us at the beginning of October to make a dress that could honor her traditional wedding scheduled for December. Laure discovered Atelier Ayizan thanks to Elsie. We made Elsie her bridesmaid outfit over the summer and Laure was inspired by Elsie's lace covered bustier.

During her first consultation, Laure told us that she didn't have a definitive look in mind, but wanted her dress to incorporate a few key elements, including a bustier, a train, and sparkles. She entrusted us with the task of combining these elements in a creative way. Like all future brides, Laure was a little worried about the end result. She also confessed to us that she has had experience in the past of clothing designers who do not deliver outfits to their customers on time. So she wanted her dress ready long before the big day. We reaffirmed our professionalism and accompanied him faithfully throughout the process. Result, a bride filled and radiant!

Laure's dress allowed us to meet many challenges and to acquire new knowledge in the field of sewing and customization. For example, we modified a fan that she had ordered online so that it would match her outfit better.

Atelier Ayizan would like to thank Natacha and Laure for the trust they placed in us and also for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the happiness experienced during their celebration. We wish a long and beautiful life to their couple and look forward to presenting to you, dear readers, what we will achieve this year thanks to you!

BJ Casseus

for Atelier Ayizan

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Travail merveilleux qui donne envie de se marier et collaborer avec vous! Très belle plume 🪶 à la personne qui rédige!

Une Admiratrice

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